Code Of Conduct

During the spring of 2013, a committee was formed to examine our School Code of Conduct.

Student Reps were elected by their peers and had an opportunity to work collaboratively with our Code of Conduct Committee, which was comprised of teachers, a parent, an Educational Assistant, and school administration. Staff Code of Conduct Committee members were: Mr. Lightle, Mr. Merrick, Ms. Nevokshonoff, and Ms. Weatherford.  Our Parent Rep was Ms. Regehr, and Student Reps included Kailee Narte and Jacob Penner (Grade 7), Paige Mussell and Andrew Rulton (Grade 8), Elizabeth Helget and Nathan Mclachlan (Grade 9).

For the rest of the school year, our Code of Conduct Committee examined our existing Code of Conduct. We went through this process to ensure that we have a Code of Conduct that reflects Ministry of Education guidelines. There have been a number of revisions to our Code of Conduct. Please take some time to review our revised Code of Conduct (see the downloadable PDF file below), and return page # 8 of the Code of Conduct to your child’s CORE teacher.


Mrs. Paula Gosal                                            Mr. Michael Kotanko
Principal                                                         Vice-Principal
A.D. Rundle Middle School                              A.D. Rundle Middle School   

DRESS CODE (Spring 2016)


ADR staff and students are expected to dress appropriately for a place of work. With the warmer weather upon us, it is a good time to remind all Rundlites that beach-wear belongs at the lake and not in the classroom.

Shirt straps should be at least 1".  Shorts and skirts/dresses should fall mid-thigh.  Pants, shorts and skirts should be worn at the waist. Staff & Students are not permitted to wear garments or accessories with messages that are poor in taste (such as beer logos or marijuana leaves, racist, sexist or offensive language/pictures, etc).

Staff & Students are required to wear footwear at all times. Students should wear PE Uniforms during gym classes.

If school administration deems that a student is dressed inappropriately the student will be required to change. There will be no exceptions! If a student doesn’t have access to appropriate dress the school will provide alternatives.

Downloadable Files: