Aboriginal Support

The Aboriginal Education Program at A.D. Rundle Middle School serves the purpose of supporting all Aboriginal students within our school.  Support may come in the form of academic, social or cultural and is done so to respect all of the Nations represented at our school.  We work closely with all of the staff, including outside agencies that counsel or organize healthy activities for our students. 

Each student that is in need of support has one (or more) class blocks where they are able to come into the Aboriginal Education Room which offers a quiet and supportive place for students to focus and communicate with other Aboriginal students in the school.  At times, we also have guests to come into our classes and do many activities with our students such as mini drums, painting and other hands on activities.  We find that many of our Aboriginal students have a need to use their hands to create to give them a break from writing, reading and listening.  These blocks provide support for both types of students and their needs.

In addition to our support blocks during the school day, we also offer an afterschool program for those students who would like to get one on one help with homework or any other challenges they may face. We also attend meetings with parents, students, and administrators Our afterschool program is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 pm (subject to change)

 If there are questions regarding status or other issues relating to First Nations Bands, we are happy to help students and their parents get the answers they need.  If you have any cultural teachings or craft ideas you would like to share, please contact the office to fill out the required clearance forms.

 Any ideas, questions or comments are more than welcome by phone or email.  Please feel free to stop by our classroom for a visit to see what is happening with our program.

Mrs. Barrisoff-Harris----Teacher/Councelor   (erin_barisoff-harris@sd33.bc.ca )

Victoria LHirondelle----Aboriginal Education Assistant (victoria_lhirondelle@sd33.bc.ca )

Phone: 604-792-4257

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